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Armature Banding Machine

These machines apply fiberglass tape/wire under high tension, to the wire winding turns outside of the lamination stack of armatures to prevent "flare out" of these end turns due to centrifugal force at high rpm’s.
Armature banding machine basically consists of a heavy duty high torque winding machine with two speed ranges, driven by 5 HP AC motor with AC VVF drive which ensures smooth start & stop in addition to providing infinitely variable speed in the two speed ranges. The machine supports the armatures of various sizes between its centers and the drive is transmitted by means of a dog from the face plate of the head stock.

The Banding attachment is capable of providing maximum tension of 300 Kg with fiberglass tape and 500 Kg with steel wire. The Banding attachment is mounted on a pair of separate heavy-duty cylindrical guide ways with linear bearings for smooth traverse along the length of the armature. The traverse is motorized through a lead screw and nut arrangement and driven a bya 0.5HP geared motor with AC VVF drive for step less speed control. The traverse of the banding attachment is capable of being synchronized with the spindle rotation of the winding machine so as to get half overlap banding. The tension in the Banding attachment is obtained through large diameter brake drum and a set of rollers through which the tape/wire is routed. The tension is applied manually by a hand wheel or optionally by means of pneumatic disc brake. A strain gauge based load cell is provided with a calibrated digital indicator for tension display.