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Mica Under Cutting Machine

The machine is meant for undercutting of mica groove of Commutator in manufacture & repair shops of small, medium, heavy motor & generator armatures. The armature is supported either on two adjustable type roller supports or held between two revolving centers which are mounted on common fabricated bed accurately machined. One of the armature support assemblies can be moved on the bed to accommodate different lengths of armatures. The cutter assembly is mounted on carriage, which is an LM type guide ways with ball screw & nut driven by an AC motor with step less speed through AC VVF drive. The cutter assembly with carriage is mounted on a robust pedestal. The cutter assembly incorporates a floating mechanism for the spindle which allows the cutter to compensate for minor misalignments.

The cutter is driven by an AC motor via pulley & ‘V’ belt arrangement with speed control through an AC VVF drive. Armature rotation is done by a double worm reduction gearbox with endless flat belt. The automatic operation of the machine is controlled through a PLC &fiber optic sensing device. The machine will stop automatically after undercutting of all the mica grooves. Provision for manual operation through push button is also available. The motorised brush debarring attachment removes the sharp edges on undercut copper bars while creating a smooth radius on the corner of the bars.Provision for rotation of armature at high speed for debarring is in built in the machine.