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Automatic Commutator Tig Welding Machine

Tig Tungsten inert gas (Argon) welding process is most suitable for welding of armature coil &equalizer coil leads with Commutator riser of motors as this type of welded connections are able to withstand considerable thermal & mechanical loads. The Armature shaft is supported on two robust pedestals with adjustable type roller supports or between centers. Both the pedestals are mounted on a common fabricated bed. One of the pedestals is capable of being moved on the bed to suit the different lengths of Armature shaft. The water-cooled Tig torch assembly with X & Y axis manipulation is mounted on a stand near the fixed pedestal. The armature is continuously rotated at a very low rpm by means of a double worm reduction geared motor & belt drive past the welding torch besides the Commutator. The winding lead ends are spot welded one by one to points on a specific circle on the face of the Commutator. The earthing current is drawn from the Commutator bars through a flexible braided copper strap with adjustable length & tension. The welding torch automatically moves radially by motorized screw & nut to the next position after one full rotation of the armature. A certain amount of continuous auxiliary arc ensures accurate main arc ignition reproducibility. The machine comprises of the following major units:

  1. Armature supporting assembly.
  2. Armature rotation assembly.
  3. AC/DC welding rectifier with water cooled TIG Torch assembly.
  4. High frequency unit.
  5. Water circulation system for TIG Torch.
  6. Fume extraction unit. - Optional
  7. Centralized PLC based electrical control panel.

N.B. : All these machines are generally designed & manufactured to suit customer's specific requirement, application and prevailing practices.