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Load Turning Device

Turning/Rotating of heavy loads with overhead crane is a hazardous operation in a workshop. Unsafe handling may result in accident to personnel as well as damage to Equipment and material. For such operations Load Turning Deviceis an effective Equipment which can be used for turning/rotating of heavy loads in a controlled manner with the help of overhead crane. The Equipment is a portable unit and can be transported by an overhead crane to the location where the job is to be turned. Most of the loads can be tuned/rotated 3600 and stopped at any position for the next stage of operation/welding needs.The standard models come with fixed belt centre. However custom built models are available with adjustable centre distance between belts.Polyester belts are used to lift and rotate the load upto 20 Ton capacity. Anti-abrasive sleeves are used to protect the belt where it comes in contact with sharp corners of the load. For weight above 20 Tons, Steel Chains or Wire Rope are used. Depending on the size of the load single unit or two units in tandem can be used according to convenience and availability of overhead crane. Each unit is fitted with an electrical control panel and is supplied with adequate length of cable with a control pendent for operation. A synchronizing cable with plug & socket is also supplied for operation of two units in tandem. Operation with Remote control pendent is also available. Generally we require the max weight along with the drg of the load to be turned at the time of the customer enquiry, to recommend a suitable Turning device.