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Motorised Turntable for Bogie & Wheelset

The Motorised Turntableis an essential equipment for any Railway workshop as it enables easy movement of both wheel sets and Bogies between different rails which feed the various machine tools such as wheel lathes and wheel presses. The Turntables also increases the flow of maintenance work within the facility reducing the handling of the Bogies from when they are removed from the trains to the maintenance area. The Turntable is used for redirecting the Bogies/Wheel sets between the work line and service lines for maintenance, once they have been removed from the wagons. The Turntable are suitable for both ‘T’ junction as well as Cross junction.

The Turntable is designed to be mounted in a concrete pit with rails at floor level for direct loading and unloading of Wheel sets/Bogies from one track to another within the workshop. The Turntable has 3600rotational capability and is rotated at a very slow speed by means of high reduction geared motor and final drive through a slew ring bearing/Spherical Roller bearing. As the Turntable is flush with the floor level, it is subjected to vehicle movement and therefore is suitably designed to withstand the maximum load of such traffic. Turntables with different outer diameters, comprises of a main steel structure, a central support with the drive arrangement for rotation and circumferential wheels to support loads. The Turntable can be rotated either in clockwise or anticlockwise direction and can be stopped at each 90 degree as required to align with the rails on the shop floor. Arrangement is provided in the Turntable for locking of the wheel sets/Bogies to prevent its jumping of the rail during rotation. Provision is made for locking of the Turntable during loading & unloading.

VIKRANT designs and manufactures Turntables as per individual customer’s requirement. Standard Turntables for Wheel sets are 3 metre in diameter with load capacity of 2 Tons with max traffic load of 7.5 Tons or as per shop floor demand. In case of Bogies, diameter of Turntables are upto 5 metre with bogie load of 10 Tons and max traffic load of 15Tons or as per customer need.