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Product Details

Active Part Assembly Platform

The Active Part Assembly Platform is used to carry various assembly work on large Power Transformers at different heights involving Active parts/ Transformer tank/ Assembled Transformer.

Two identical Assembly platforms are placed on either side of the Transformer and bridged using pallets on the other two sides to provide access all around the Transformer for assembly work.

The Working Platform is of robust construction with heavy duty fabricated column structure at the two ends. The lead screw and nut assembly is suspended from the fabricated column with double Thrust bearing at the top and self-aligning Ball bearing at the bottom. The two nuts carry the fabricated carriage which supports the Working Platform. The movement of the carriage along the length of the column is guided by means of 4 no rollers which prevents any swinging of the platform when in motion. The joining of the platform and the carriage is kept flexible to take care of any misalignment that may arise during up/down motion. The entire platform is covered with steel chequered plate. For closer access to the Transformer, the working platform is provided with narrow sliding strips below the main platform level which has to be pulled out or pushed in manually. Suitable locking provision has been provided with pins for these sliding strips.

The drive comprising of a 5 HP, electric motor coupled to a worm reduction gearbox of suitable rating with double output shaft is mounted at the central position of the fabricated frame acting as a joining member for the two column structure. The drive from the gearbox is transmitted to the lead screws via Torsion shaft and bevel gear arrangement. The entire drive assembly is covered with perforated sheet guard. Suitable ladder and railing is provided for the platform.

The platform can be operated either with the help of the pendent push button unit from the top of the platform or from the floor level from the control panelmounted on the joining member between the columns. Limit switches as well as mechanical stoppers are provided at the highest and lowest point of the platform for safety.

Provision is made for lifting the entire platform in assembled condition for relocating it on the shop floor. However care is to be taken that while lifting, the platform must remain in balanced condition.