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Coil Assembly Platform

The Coil Assembly platform is used for preparation and assembly of large Power Transformer coils. It is a fabricated rectangular shaped platform covered with chequered plate with an adjustable central opening for placement of the Transformer coil at the centre. The entire platform is moved up & down to cover the full length of the coil. People working on the platform can go all around the coil at any level with their tools & tackles for assembly work on the coil.

The platform basically comprises of four no robust corner columns which are tied together at the top and bottom making it a rigid structure. Four no fixed platform is suspended from the top joining member by four no heavy duty roller chain arrangement. The drive to the four no chain is from a single 5 HP, AC motor fitted with an EM Brake and Worm reduction Gearbox. The drive is distributed to the four no lifting chains through 2 no Worm Reduction Gearbox which are coupled with drive shafts fitted  with four number sprockets. The Four no sliding platforms with rollers are placed inside the ‘C’ channels of the four no fixed platform which act as guide rails for sliding. The Four no sliding platforms are driven by a single 1 HP, AC Motor by an arrangement of multiple chain sprocket drive distributed to all the sliding platforms. Four sets of ‘V’ Guide rollers are fitted at the four corners of the fixed platforms for guidance with the four corner columns during up and down movement of the platform. Pneumatic locking arrangement for the platform with the column is provided at four corners of the fixed platform. All the four columns are fitted with heavy duty rack. Four no pneumatic cylinders fitted with taper wedge are mounted at four corners of the platform. When the platform is at rest/stationary then the pneumatic cylinders actuate and the taper wedges engage with the racks on the columns providing locking of the platform. The sliding platforms are provided with railings all around for safety. A telescopic ladder is provided with the platform which allows person to climb/dismount from the platform from any level.

The machine is electrically interlocked in such a manner that the motor for up/down movement will not operate until and unless all the four platform locks are disengaged.Up/Down movement of platform and movement of sliding platforms are also interlocked in such a manner that only one can be operated at a time.The machine is provided with floor mounted control panel. The Push button station for operation of the machine is mounted on the platform. The machine is provided with a hooter which sounds when the platform is moved up or down as a warning to prevent people from going below the platform during operation.