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Loop Winding Machine

The machine is used for making of Coil Loops from one or multiple insulated copper conductors under tension as per specified dimensions for manufacture of coils for large Motor and Generators. The machine is equipped with an adjustable coil looping fixture to make coils of different nose-to-nose loop length from a min of 500 - 3500 mm. Radius of inner loop can vary from 15 - 30 mm, and outer radius from 35 - 200 mm. Machine is driven by an AC motor with AC VVF drive with a speed range of 0 - 60 rpm or as desired by customer. Machine is equipped with Bobbin stands (max no of conductors to be specified) with mechanical/pneumatic brakes and conductor tension stand which bunches the multiple conductors and maintains the constant tension during winding. A pneumatic conductor cutting device suspended from a spring balancer can be provided as optional accessory.
Fully programmable Loop winding machine can also be supplied on request.