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Product Details

Lifting & Turning Device/Manipulator

The Equipment is used for Lifting & Turning of Side wall & Roof beam assembly with their fixture, Underframe of a Coach/Wagon/Locomotive, and Bogie set to different heights during various stages of production.The Job can be rotated 3600 in either clockwise or anticlockwise and stopped at any position for next stage of operation/welding. The Equipment consists of the 2 sets of Lifting & Turning Device.  The two sets are identicalexcept that Master unit is equipped with a motorised Turning capability andtheSlave unit can be traversed on floor rails to accommodate different lengths of Job.The Operation is controlled from a hand pendent or from push button on control panel.

Every unit is custom designed by our experienced design team on latest 3D software. The customer has to furnish the max weight & Drg of the Job to be handled by our Machine and the rest will be done by our design team in interaction with the user. We also provide suitableAutomated Welding systemwhich can be integrated with the Manipulator for automated long seam welding solution.