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Coil Pressing

Generally after winding the axial length of the Coil is found to be more than the desired designed length. To achieve the designed length, the Coil needs to be compressed either with the help of a Standard HydraulicPress or a by means of a specially designed Hydraulic Coil Pressing fixture.

Hydraulic Press– Preferably a Down stroking Four column or H frame Hydraulic Press with Coil loading Trolley is used for such an application. The Press capacity offered varies from 60 Tons – 160 Tons depending on the size of the Coil. The Coil loading Trolley can either be motorised or moved by means of overhead EOT Crane or motorised Winch

Hydraulic Coil Pressing Fixture - This is a portable fixture which can be taken to the Coil to be pressed, instead of the Coil being transported to the machine as required in case of the above standard Hydraulic Press. This unit consists of three no robust plates which are adequately stiffened to take the maximum pressing force along with 4 no robust studs. A floor mounted independent Hydraulic Power pack with a set of hydraulic hoses with quick couplings completes the full supply.

TheBottom plate acts as the Coil support plate, the Intermediate plate is the Pressing plate and the Top plate holding the 4 - 6 no hydraulic cylinders presses the intermediate plate. The coil is placed between the Bottom plate and Intermediate plate. The Top plate is placed above the Intermediate plate. The three plates are held together rigidly by the 4 no studs with double nuts. The Piston rods of the hydraulic cylinders in contact with the Intermediate plate will press the coil when the hydraulic cylinders are actuated from the Power pack. Once the coil has been pressed to the desired length the Intermediate plate is fully tightened by the heavy duty nuts and the Top plate removed. The Top plate with the Hydraulic Power pack can be used to press multiple coils if additional sets of Bottom & Intermediate plates are ordered.

We need the customer to furnish the max dia, min/max axial length of the Coil and the max pressing force desired for us to offer suitable machine/fixture.